Watch that eyelash permWatch that eyelash perm
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Imagine a woman wanting to deduct minutes off of the beauty regimen getting a lash perm so that she no longer has to fiddle with an eyelash curler every morning! Someone with small or downturned eyes may also opt to get her lashes permed to keep her eyes looking nice.

Although the procedure sounds uncomplicated-lie back, close your eyes and allow a licensed technician play with your eyelashes using a small spongy roller — you have to know the adverse reaction to eyelash perm.

It may actually appear tame but in reality, it has its side effects. The more daring women may even reason that although blindness may result from the procedure, it is too small a price to pay for looking good.

If you think that the chance of losing your sight after an eyelash perming session gone wrong is slim, there are other factors you may want to weigh.

For instance, using potent chemicals on your lashes makes them fall out more quickly than they typically would. While the life span of a lash is normally around five months before it falls out for a new one to take its place, eyelash perm causes lashes to shed around two months after the procedure.

Not only is there a great likelihood that your lashes will become noticeably sparser, they may also become brittle as well and break off and consequently appear much shorter. Allergic reactions are also common, and irritated eyes have to be soothed with eye drops for a few days after the perm.

Eyelash perm may make them appear longer immediately after the process, as they are flicked upwards and are thus more noticeable, but they do not actually grow.

For the financially prudent, it costs more to have an eyelash perm. It is actually cheaper to invest in a lash curler and mascara. Eyelash extensions, which are also semi-permanent, make lashes appear to have been curled as well, are an alternative you can explore.

Nevertheless, if you are firm about not wanting any eye-related beauty procedures, you can still get your desired results through make-up. Learn how to use an eyelash curler coupled with lengthening or curling mascara.

As for light-coloured lashes, they need a separate treatment to get any darker. If tinting is what you are after, your safest bet is to simply experiment with mascara instead.